Error: I have protected documents as part of a publication but the viewer is still connecting to the server every time before I can view them. How do I prevent this?

If you publish a document to a publication then it only checks with the server for the first document you open in that publication in order to obtain the decryption key.

However, you need to make sure that you have not specified other controls that force connection to the server every time.  These are as follows:

  1. Check license validity each time the document is opened (on the Expiry and Validity tab)
  2. Check license validity every x days – in which case every x days it will connect to the server (on the Expiry and Validity tab)
  3.  Limited the number of views (on the Printing and Viewing tab)

You therefore need to set the license validity check to NEVER and to not limit the number of views.  That way it won’t connect to the server for subsequent documents that have been published to the publication.