Error: I have protected a web site that uses java applets but the applets are no longer working

Generally an HTML page loads a javascript which then calls a Java applet.  Lizard Protector follows the link to the javascript, but it does not know about the applet (because the applet is not mentioned in the HTML). The files  are used by the Java applet directly (so the applet is still looking for the original file extensions, not for the protected HSF files that were created by Protector Administrator).

As a result, even if you include the applet in the product files list (before protecting the product), the protected javascript output will still call the regular applet file (its original extension).  There are two workarounds:

1.  change the HTML code, so all java dependencies are loaded by the HTML code.  This approach is time consuming especially when you  plan to protect many HTML files;

2.  manually add the missing files to the protected folder structure (the output folder), by copying them from their original folder.

If you want to protect the Java applet source code, then the solution is to put the protected files on a web location and to publish the URL for that product to your customers. By doing this, all files are secured, because your customers can’t access the source code from the server, and they can’t view the source code of the protected files.

If you distribute the product to your customers so that they have physical access to all the files (i.e. sending them all the files on a CD), then your customers will be able to see the unprotected applet (or whatever dependencies are called/linked from the javascript).  This approach is therefore not advisable if you have unprotected files that you do not want your customers to have access to.