Error: I have created a customer account but they have not received their license email. Why has this occurred and how do I resend the license email?

Since the license email is sent by an automated server and appears to be coming from a different email address (i.e. that of the document publisher rather than the server it is originating from), some SPAM filtering systems may block this and prevent the email from getting through (e.g. email is rejected with the message “Sorry, I wasn’t able to establish an SMTP connection. (#4.4.1). I’m not going to try again; this message has been in the queue too long.”).

If this happens you will have to re-issue the customer license.


Manually sending the license email

Click on the Save user license file to disk link (below the username and password) in the customer record (see below) in order to save the license file to disk, and then manually email this file to your customer.

Safeguard V3 admin system
Safeguard V3 admin system

You can also right-click on the ‘Save user license file’ link and select the Send Link or Copy Link location options (Firefox), or Copy Shortcut option (IE), and email the link to the license file instead of the actual license file itself.

On Safeguard v3/Enterprise v4 systems you can automatically resend the license file by checking the box ‘Resend License File’ and then pressing the OK button.  However, if the email has been quarantined for SPAM reasons, it may still not get through.  Manually sending the license file from a different email address will therefore verify this.

NOTE:  If you are testing the system make sure you enter a valid user name in the customer name field as SPAM filters may block content they consider to be spam.  For example a user name of ‘Test User’ may be blocked whereas a user name of ‘Joe Blogs’ will be accepted as valid.


For a long term resolution to SPAM filtering issues we recommend you try the solutions below:

1)  Whitelist the domain name

Ask the IT department to allow emails from the domain name that is hosting the LockLizard administration system.

2)  Forward the license email

You can enter a monitor email address on the admin system (Settings Tab > Set Monitor Email) so that you receive a copy of all license file emails that are sent to your customers.

You may want to use this function if a large number of your customers are not receiving their license file emails, so that you do not have to use the save users license file to disk option every time.  Instead you can simply forward them a copy of their license file by email.

3)  Display the License File on a web page

This can be achieved using the ecommerce integration function “Get customer license file”.  This request enables you to display the license file that would be sent to a customer on a web page so that it is immediately available to your customer, rather than them having to wait for an email to arrive before they can use your information.

How this information is presented to your customer depends upon your own house style, but you could put a button or link to your web page, like Save File, so your customers can save the license file to disk.

4)  Send the License file attachment as a link

Safeguard v3 and Enterprise v4 systems allow to you send the license file as a link rather than as an attachment.  This may help as some email systems quarantine unknown attachments or move them to the spam folder.

To change the license delivery settings, select from the Settings Tab > Set License Delivery > Send Email As > License File as link.

5)  Specify your own SMTP settings

If the license emails are consistently not being delivered to your customers then you can configure emails to be sent from your own domain rather than the domain of the Locklizard server.

This feature is available on Safeguard v3 and above and Enterprise v4 and above admin systems from the Settings Tab > Mail Server (SMTP).


You may have to ask your IT department for the information requested below.

  • Check the ‘Use external SMTP server’ checkbox and then enter the details for your mail server.
  • The email address you should enter is the one you would like the registration emails to be sent from.
  • For the server name, enter (where is your domain name).
  • The username and password is for the email address account you have chosen.

Once you have saved the settings, test that they work as expected by entering an email address in the test field.


Own Server Systems

NOTE:  If you host the the Locklizard administration system on your own server you can avoid SPAM rejects by sending out license emails from an email address that is the same as the server domain name.