Error: Hyperlinks do not work after converting a PDF to PDC format

You need to make sure that you use either the convert to PDF icon in the program that you are converting the PDF from or you use the Create PDF option from the Acrobat menu.

  • If you have printed the PDF file using a print driver (say Acrobat distiller), or use the ‘save to PDF’ via File > Print menu in Acrobat, then Acrobat does not properly create the links – only Acrobat reader can view them and not any other PDF rendering software.
  • If Acrobat asks whether you want to turn off tagging because it will take a while to convert then say “NO”.  Otherwise it won’t properly process the links.
  • In Acrobat Pro DC go to TOOLS > Edit PDF > Link > Auto-Create Web Links from URLs.

If you are using Office 2010 or above

Use Microsoft’s PDF converter and NOT Adobe’s.  For example, in Word 2010, go to the file menu and select ‘Save As’ and then select ‘PDF’ from the ‘Save as type’ pull-down list box.  Once you select the ‘PDF’ type then an Options button will appear.  Press this, and make sure that all the checkboxes under the ‘Include non-printing information’ are checked.  This will create a correctly hyperlinked PDF document which is compatible with our Viewer software.

If you are using Adobe Acrobat

Use the ‘save to PDF’ option via the Acrobat tab in Word to retain links in the PDF.