Error: Ecommerce API returns the message ‘Invalid Parameters’, misinformation, or old information

‘Invalid Parameter’ means one of the parameters are missing or invalid, for example:

  • a date range
  • passing of a string where a number is expected
  • invalid character like the ‘new line char’ in a string, etc.

This could be caused by:

  • a cache issue – if you are making multiple requests to the Locklizard API the response can sometimes be cached which can cause either misinformation or old information being returned to your request, or the Invalid Parameter error
  • a bad implementation when doing requests to the ecommerce API

Adding the following timestamp parameter to the end of your ecommerce command(s) can rule out whether it is cache issues:


The unique_identifier should be a unique number not used on any other requests (usually it’s the actual timestamp of the request).