Error: Documents are not printing or viewing as they should

The software you use to create the PDF (not the protected PDF – PDC file) can sometimes not format PDFs properly and this can cause problems with our program.  We recommend using Adobe Pro / Distiller or Foxit PDF Creator to create your PDF files.

Some of the errors caused by this have been:

  • Multi-Coloured text when scrolling down the page (when viewing)
  • Negative colours displayed on a page (when printing)
  • Parts of a page are not printing (missing text and/or images)

Solutions for Publishers to check

  1. Make sure you don’t have any elements in your PDF documents, such as layers, as these can cause problems.  Flattening the document (optimize the PDF whilst also lowering the DPI) will normally remove the elements and solve the printing problems.
  2. If your document contains images make sure these are NOT high resolution.  Using high resolution images will cause memory usage to spike and may lead to rendering issues.  Resize the images used to the dimensions of the page before adding them to the PDF document.  This can be done in MS Paint or with any free image editing software.  Also decrease the image resolution to say 72dpi if document printing is disabled, or 300dpi if printing is enabled.
  3. If a watermark is not printing then check that transparency has not been used for the watermark image/text.  Printers that do not support Alpha Blending will not be able to print transparent watermarks.
  4. Check that the ‘fit contents to page’ checkbox is checked in the Viewer software and that the ‘auto rotate’ option is also selected (otherwise landscape pages will be printed in portrait mode).

Solutions for Users to check

  1. Use a specific print driver for your printer rather than a Generic one.  HP for example provide generic print drivers for their printers (HP universal print driver) which can cause problems with our Viewer.
  2. Make sure your print driver is up to date.
  3. Use a PCL driver rather than a Postscript one.
  4. Clear the Windows spool folder out to refresh the printer – see instructions.
  5. Shut down all other applications and try printing specific pages or a range of pages rather than the whole document.