Error: Document fails to open in the Web Viewer

  1. Try using a different browser to open the document
  2. Check the security settings in your browser and that JavaScript is enabled
  3. Disable any browser plugins and extensions
  4. Check that your firewall is not preventing inbound requests (i.e. Sonicwall Stealth mode may prevent documents loading in Chrome)
  5. Check that a web proxy or any web security software is not preventing pages from being loaded
  6. Disable SSL scanning and content filtering on your firewall to see if that is the cause.  Firewalls that provide deep content inspection may alter the actual content, or problems may occur when the firewall decrypts SSL packets and re-encrypts them.
  7. Check that your device has enough processing power and free memory available – see minimum specifications

Proxies and firewalls can slow document loading especially if all Internet activity is being filtered through them.

JavaScript must be enabled for the Viewer to display content.

Log files

If none of the above options work, then provide the Publisher of the document with log files so they can determine at what point the document fails to load.

Internet Explorer

  1. Press F12 for the developer tools to popup before navigating to the document (or go to Tools and click on developer tools option).
  2. Go to network tab and press on the “play” green button to start network traffic capture.
  3. Navigate to the document by clicking on it in the Viewer and wait for the error to show up.
  4. Copy/paste and provide the network and console tabs outputs.


Go to More Tools > Developer Tools > Console and take a screenshot.


Go to Developer Tools > Browser Console and take a screenshot.

Note for Publishers

See guidelines for protecting PDF documents to the Web as this can affect if a document loads or not.

If you have any special characters (i.e. accented characters, etc.) in the user login name or customer account name, please remove these.  Then ask the user to clear their browser cache and then login and try opening a document again.