Error: Document did not print completely

Due to how our software spools pages to the printer, it takes a large amount of memory to print documents.  This can overload printers with in-built memory causing them to only print some of the document.

If you cannot print the whole document at once, select portions of the document and print in batches (say 30 pages at a time).  If you are only allowed to print the document a limited number of times and this depletes them prematurely, please speak to your publisher.

NOTE:  Printing to postscript drivers is more likely to cause memory problems because postscript drivers do not support compression.  Switching to a PCL driver will therefore improve and/or solve the issue.

Tips for successful printing

  1. Close down any other applications that are running apart from Safeguard Viewer
  2. Print using a PCL driver for your printer and NOT a postscript one
  3. Use a specific printer driver and NOT a generic one (e.g. don’t use an HP universal print driver – instead install a specific one for your printers model number)