Error: Configuring SMTP gives an Internal Server Error

This error normally means that a time out has occurred when trying to connect to the SMTP server you have specified.

  1. Check that the port number is correct.  For example if you are using SSL and have entered port 443 check that the SMTP server is actually available at that point and is listening on that port as port 443 is normally used by the Browser.
  2. Whitelist the Safeguard server IP address that you are hosted on.
  3. If you are using SSL try port 587 (or whatever is your non SSL port) with the secure connection set to NO.
  4. Make sure your SMTP server can be used as a relay for external clients.  Look at the IP list in the outgoing section of the email configuration to determine if the external client is allowed to send mail through .  Since we use load balancing on our servers you may have to allow a subnet.

If your own SMTP server won’t work with our system due to some security restraints your end, then consider purchasing a new domain for this specific use (e.g. and a hosted email account to go with it.  For example: