FAQ: Why is my splash screen image not displaying correctly or taking ages to load?

Problem 1:

My splash screen image looks like it is corrupted or it has been zoomed in compared to the original image.


This can occur if the image you are using for the splash screen has transparency*.

While we support both JPG and PNG files for the splash image, transparency in the PNG images can cause issues (the pixels with alpha channel may be replaced with black/white or the image may end up looking wrong).  For best results, we recommend using PNG images without transparency (alpha channel) or a JPG image.

*Images used for watermarks work perfectly fine, regardless of transparency.


Problem 2:
My splash screen image takes a very long time to load or is covering the entire screen.

Use a medium-sized image (a few hundred pixels max for the width and length) for the splash image, since it is always displayed at 100% zoom.  Thus, a higher resolution image may end up covering the entire screen.

Higher resolution images will also lead to larger files and will take a longer time to load.