FAQ: Why are watermarks not displaying on my documents?

This could be for a number of reasons:

  1. You have set the watermark to display BEHIND the PDF content and it is being obscured by an image.  This would also be true if a document had been scanned in as the PDF is effectively an image file.  To solve this display the watermark on TOP of the PDF content.
  2. You have registered multiple customer account licenses from the same admin account.  The Viewer will not know what customer account data should be used.  To solve this remove your keystore and re-register a single license file.
  3. If a print watermark is not displaying then remove the transparency – i.e. opacity should be set to 255.

Watermarks on the Apple Mac Operating System

  • Only view watermarks are supported (text and images) and they are always displayed on top of the PDF content.
  • Document watermarking is not supported on printouts.

Watermarks on iOS and Android

  • Watermarks are always displayed on top of the PDF content.
  • A default system font is always used (rather than the font you have specified).
  • Font size, color, and styles bold and italic are supported.
  • Custom positioning of watermarks (manually moving the watermarks to an exact page position) is not supported.