FAQ: Why are pages loading really slowly in the Web Viewer, especially when scrolling?

Web Viewer pages load into memory, one at a a time.  If you scroll quickly down the document, it has to load all those pages before it displays the page you stop at.  A quicker method therefore is to enter the page number directly into the Viewer’s toolbar.

The browser you use will also make a difference.  Firefox and Chrome will load documents faster than Internet Explorer because IE is slow by design.  So if you are using IE try using a different browser.

And lastly the type/contents of the PDF file will make a huge difference on load speed.  If the PDF file has thousands of objects/images on the page which have not been optimized then the browser will be slow in rendering them.  The document publisher should experiment with the optimization options available in Safeguard Web Publisher to optimize their PDF files for maximum speed.

Note for Document Publishers:

When creating your PDF files make them as clean as possible with the minimum of embedded objects.  For example don’t embed PDF’s into another file (say an Illustrator file) and then PDF the final Illustrator file, or embed multiple PDF’s within a single file.  Doing this type of embedding will slow the rendering right down or may prevent the pages loading altogether.