FAQ: Is there a minimum specification for a device to use the Web Viewer?

The Web Viewer processes files in memory via a Browser over the Internet and so relies on resources being available to decrypt and display content.

There is no minimum specification apart from the Browsers the Web Viewer supports.

However, the more powerful the machine, the more memory available (not actual machine memory but memory available for use), the faster the Internet connection (5 Mb/s should be seen as a minimum), and less complex (tables and graphics) and smaller document sizes will all result in a better user experience.

Proxies and firewalls can further slow the experience especially if all Internet activity is being filtered through them, and JavaScript must be enabled for the Viewer to display content.

We don’t recommend that you use the Web Viewer on tablet devices as they do not have the necessary resources available to process documents effectively.


See also documents are loading slowly in the Web Viewer.