Error Message: You need to activate (register) the license sent to you by the publisher before you can view protected documents

Before you can view protected documents or products you must first double-click on the license file sent to you by your publisher in order to register.  You should have received an email from the Publisher with your license file details with information on activating/registering your license.  See for further details.

Already Registered?

  1. If you have registered and this message still appears then the most likely reason is that you tried to register the viewer software over a VPN which will not work – you MUST have a direct Internet connection.  If this is the case you will need to Remove your keystore.  Then try registering again, this time using a direct connection to the Internet.
  2. Alternatively it could be because you installed the Viewer using a different profile than the one you registered with.  We only support one user profile – that of the administrator for any given computer.  You can’t install under one user profile and run the Viewer using another user profile – it will not work.  If you are an IT administrator installing the Viewer for a standard Windows user then you must elevate their profile to a Windows administrator, install the Viewer under their profile and register the license under their profile, before returning their profile to a standard user.


If you are the publisher of the document please check that there are not 2 email address contained in the support email address field.  If there are, and these are separated by a semi-colon then change the separator character to a comma instead.